Vita-Aid™ Slim & Trim Konjac Rice (6 Pack)
Vita-Aid™ Slim & Trim Konjac Rice (6 Pack)
Vita-Aid™ Slim & Trim Konjac Rice (6 Pack)
Vita-Aid™ Slim & Trim Konjac Rice (6 Pack)
Vita-Aid™ Slim & Trim Konjac Rice (6 Pack)
Vita-Aid™ Slim & Trim Konjac Rice (6 Pack)

Vita-Aid™ Slim & Trim Konjac Rice (6 Pack)

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The Vita-Aid™ Slim & Trim Konjac Rice is an excellent alternative to carbs, without the guilt!

  • Slim and Trim Konjac Rice is made from glucomannan - a type of fibre that comes from the root of the konjac plant.
  • Contains no artificial ingredients
  • Only 5 calories per 100g!
  • Convenient, ready in only 2 minutes
  • One pack (200g) serves 2
  • Also available in Spaghetti and Fettuccini


9 reasons you will absolutely love Vita-Aid™Slim & Trim Konjac Rice!

  1. It is a source of fibre
  2. Low calorie
  3. Zero carbs
  4. Gluten-free
  5. Wheat-free
  6. Fat-free
  7. Sugar-free
  8. Salt-free
  9. Tastes great


Vita-Aid, helping you live healthier!



Nutritionists have long known that dietary fibre offers a range of health benefits. However, not all forms of fibre are identical. Glucomannan is a great source of fibre and is a natural ingredient that typically contains no additives or chemicals.

Glucomannan is a source of fibre taken from the root of the Konjac plant. It is a soluble fibre, absorbing water that turns it into a rich gel when in the gut.

Glucomannan has the highest molecular weight and viscosity of any known dietary fibre. It has been demonstrated that this product is highly effective in the treatment of obesity due to the satiety sensation that it produces.

It has a significant impact on how full one feels after a meal, what nutrients are absorbed and how rapidly food moves through the digestive system.

This, in turn, can positively impact a number of different health conditions, the most renowned of which is the support that it lends to healthy weight loss. According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) “the Panel concludes that a cause-and-effect relationship has been established between the consumption of glucomannan and the reduction of body weight in the context of an energy-restricted diet”

The way that glucomannan absorbs water and turns into a gel means that it can make us feel fuller for longer. This is reinforced by the fact that glucomannan is very low in calories, further helping to restrict the intake of energy.

This gel-like structure also delays emptying of the stomach, helping us to feel fuller for longer when compared to a standard diet.

Dietary fibre is well known to be beneficial for the smooth passing of food through the digestive tract. Due to the gel-like texture of glucomannan when it absorbs water in the gut, any food present is able to move smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, ingesting glucomannan may help to increase regularity and improve constipation.

As glucomannan has the ability to absorb moisture and swell substantially, it is important to ensure that glucomannan is consumed with at least one glass of water.