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Mémé Pain Gel with CBD – 50mg

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Mémé Pain Gel with CBD – 50mg CBD is a compound extracted from the Cannabis plant. In the case of Mémé this being industrial hemp. The reason hemp is used is to make sure that legally we confor... read more
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Mémé Pain Gel with CBD – 50mg

CBD is a compound extracted from the Cannabis plant. In the case of Mémé this being industrial hemp. The reason hemp is used is to make sure that legally we conform and ensure that our products do not contain excess volumes of THC.

CBD extraction

Step 1: Primary extraction

A mechanical processing of hemp flower, stalks and leaves takes place followed by an extraction of the oils from the plant. This results in a substance that is similar to tar or molasses in appearance. This sticky, oily substance is rich in terpenes and cannabanoids. This substance is known as full spectrum extract. In many territories around the world, full spectrum based CBD products are fully legal. However, full spectrum typically has around 0.3% THC, hence the need for further manipulation.

New cannabis plant strains are being developed with incredibly low THC concentrations that adhere to the legal 0.001% requirement in South Africa. Unfortunately none are yet 100% reliable which is why we are required to remove THC from the extract.

Step 2: Distillate filtering

The full spectrum extract undertakes a further filtering process known as chromatography whereby THC is removed. This substance left over has an appearance not dissimilar to honey. The filtering process is very delicate and we take care to ensure we are not removing other beneficial terpenes and cannabanoids at this step. However, it is most important for us to legally comply and to provide you piece of mind that we provide an end product containing less than 0.001% THC.

Step 3: Isolate extraction

Isolate extraction can take place from either the broad spectrum or full spectrum distillate. This process is essentially the opposite of having something removed from it.

When we extract isolate from cannabis, the end result is a 99.9% pure CBD, fat soluble white powder.

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