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7 Shade LCD Sunglasses

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Adjust Your Tint with the Touch of a Button! FEATURES & BENEFITS  Stylish and Convenient!  Great All Year Round  Select From...
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R 999.00
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Adjust Your Tint with the Touch of a Button!


  •  Stylish and Convenient!
  •  Great All Year Round
  •  Select From 7 Different Tint Levels
  •  Just Click To Adjust Shade Intensity
  •  LCD Lenses With UV and Anti-Glare
  •  Easy One Touch Dimming and Clarity Control
  •  Combines All Your Sunglasses Into One
  •  Polarized LCD Glass
  •  Carry Case
  •  Microfiber Cloth
  •  Unisex


The LCD lenses with UV and anti-glare give you the control to manually adjust the tint intensity of your shades with easy one-touch dimming for clarity control. Leave that pile of sunglasses, each with different tint levels, at home! The 7Shade™ Sunglasses are the only sunglasses you need all year round.

Take control of your sunglasses and choose how light or dark you prefer to wear them. Cloudy day? Just lower the tint a few levels to see easier. Sunny day? Raise the tint level all the way up the seventh level for the darkest shade and you’re on your way. The 7Shade™ Sunglasses are also battery-powered, so no need for wires or charging. Stylish and convenient, your friends and family will want a pair too.


Easy to Use
The highly advanced technology that these sunglasses use is surprisingly easy to use. All that is required to change the shade of the glasses is a quick click of a button.

With the 7 Shade Sunglasses, there are no fashion mistakes. Each pair of sunglasses is high-fashion and pairs well with virtually any outfit. They go especially well with casual wear and evening wear.

There is no annoying glare when wearing the 7 Shade Sunglasses. They have anti-glare properties that prevent and protect against sunshine and vision-impairing glare.

UV Protection
The various shades of the 7 Shade Sunglasses are designed to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. They keep your eyes safe and unharmed when in direct sunlight.

The materials used to make the sunglasses are high-quality and can withstand years of everyday wear. They can also stand up to being dropped and toted around inside of luggage and purses.
- Read more at: https://TVStuffReviews.com/lcd-sunglasses

7 Shade LCD Sunglasses
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from Johannesburg
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