Celloderm Paris Gel 50ml & FREE Cream 50ml
Celloderm Paris Gel 50ml & FREE Cream 50ml
Celloderm Paris Gel 50ml & FREE Cream 50ml
Celloderm Paris Gel 50ml & FREE Cream 50ml

Celloderm Paris Gel 50ml & FREE Cream 50ml

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Celloderm Paris Cream:


It helps rejuvenate the skin, remove acne, scars and stretch marks and restore smooth and firm feeling to the skin.

The revolutionary formula with natural ingredient Allantoin helps to remove wrinkles, acne, scars and stretch marks. It stimulates the protein production in the skin, regenerates it and returns the smooth and firm feeling. Helps remove acne and prevents their formation. It has an effective peeling-effect which removes dead skin cells in a natural way, allowing the concentrated ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin and regenerate damaged tissue. The ideal solution for oily, impure skin prone to acne and pimples, and for teenage skin. Celloderm gel has an outstanding performance for wounds and skin healing.

1. For women & men

2. For all skin types

3. Rejuvenates skin cells

4. Active ingredient Allantoin

5. Peeling-effect

6. Removes acne

7. Diminishes wrinkles and scars


Celloderm Paris Cream:


Deeply nourished skin, long-lasting hydration, reduced wrinkles and radiant look all day long.

Luxurious Moisturizing Cream provides the skin with natural moisture balance, refreshes and protects it, makes it smooth and supple all day long. In its unique formula, it contains a natural ingredient Allantoin which effectively regenerates the structure of the skin, stimulates cell renewal and reduces wrinkles. The light texture is easily absorbed and provides the skin with long-lasting moisture. High-quality nourishing ingredients with regular use can slow down the ageing process on the face, neck and décolleté and keep skin healthy, beautiful and youthful. Gentle fragrance, does not grease the skin.

1. For women & men

2. For all skin types

3. Hydration, care and renewal

4. Helps reduce wrinkles

5. A fresh and radiant complexion

6. Restores the elasticity of the skin

7. Does not grease the skin

8. Mild fragrance and soft textured cream


Full body skincare

Celloderm produces creams for face and body, because the skin is the largest human organ and we need to nourish, moisturise and provide it with care daily. Celloderm products are intended for women and men of all ages. Suitable for mature skin as well as for the young skin with the first appearance of expression lines.