Yoomi 140ml Easi-Latch Bottle Triple Pack

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The Yoomi bottle has been carefully designed to create a more natural and comforting feeding experience that is perfect for bottle only, combination feeding or transitioning from breast to bottle.

Combined with the Yoomi Warmer*, the Yoomi bottle is able to warm milk to perfect breast milk temperature in just 60 seconds.

* Yoomi Warmer is sold separately. (Product Code 1800-0011)

• large, naturally shaped teat for easy latch-on

• unique 6 anti-colic vent system for less colic

• extra wide neck - easy to fill, mix & clean 

• spill free cap design

• use bottle alone or with Yoomi warmer

• 100% BPA free



3 x 140ml bottle (white collars)

3 x slow flow easy-latch teats


Designed by parents for parents, the Yoomi range has been developed to give parents complete flexibility on how and when they feed but also complete peace of mind that their baby is getting the maximum goodness from the precious milk …. Yoomi is ready anytime, perfect every time.

Yoomi was created by Farah and Jim, a Mum and Dad whose experiences of bottle feeding and warming for their son, who was born 6 weeks early, inspired them to look for a better solution. Farah was a lawyer working in London and Jim a former BMW design engineer and CEO of a product design company. The combination of Farah’s inspiration and Jim’s engineering skills together with support from industry experts, led to the creation of Yoomi, the world’s first self-warming baby feeding bottle… the only bottle that will warm your baby’s milk in 60 seconds, anytime and anywhere at the press of a button.

Hailed as one of the Top Ten British inventions of the decade, the Yoomi self-warming bottle does not use electricity or batteries, but instead uses unique patented technology designed, developed & manufactured by Yoomi in the UK. The Yoomi range has been extended to include a unique manual & electric breast pump and a Deep Clean electric steam steriliser, offering parents flexibility and choice whether they choose to breastfeed or use formula.

From the initial humble beginnings, Yoomi is now an international company with a manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom and operates in over 20 countries around the world.




How does Yoomi fit within the current guidelines?

The Yoomi bottle (on its own) can be used to make up fresh feeds, just like any other feeding bottle. Simply follow the Guidelines. The Yoomi bottle and warmer* can be used for: warming up expressed breast milk that has been stored in the fridge. Warming up ready to use carton formula feeds. Warming up feeds that have been prepared and stored safely in advance.

*Warmer sold separately.


Why do we think Yoomi is the best warming system on the market?

Lots of reasons! Safe & Hygienic - Conventional bottle warmers will warm the entire bottle of feed and so any bacteria in the feed will start to multiply immediately upon warming. If baby takes an hour to drink its feed, the bacteria has had an hour to multiply. The Yoomi warmer only warms the feed the baby drinks, leaving very little time for the bacteria to multiply. If baby takes an hour to feed, the feed will remain cool until baby starts to drink, thereby minimising bacterial growth. Quick – Conventional bottle warmers will take approx 6 minutes to warm fridge temperature milk. Yoomi takes just 60 seconds, just what you need for those 3 am night feeds. Perfectly safe temperature – Unlike other warmers, there is no second guessing whether the temperature is correct, Yoomi warms to perfect breast milk temperature every time. Portable – no plugs, no batteries and no more carrying around flasks of boiling water, Yoomi is the most practical solution to feeding on the go. The Safer Option – the guidelines strongly recommend against using the microwave to warm feeds due to the feed developing hot spots. Some parents are no longer using the microwave to warm baby’s feed due to Yoomi being just as quick but a safer option.


What are the benefits of using Yoomi vs. using a conventional bottle?

Whether you choose to bottle feed your baby or combine breast and bottle feeding, your yoomi has been carefully designed to create a more natural bottle feeding experiencet hat's comforting for the baby and convenient for you. A yoomi bottle can be used on its own or with a yoomi warmer. Combined with a warmer, yoomi warms up feed to the natural temperature of breast milk in 60 seconds. Using the yoomi warmer means that your baby can be fed perfect ‘breast-milk’ temperature feed in just 60 seconds anywhere, anytime –you don’t have to carry around any extra equipment and you don’t have to rely on anyone else to help you warm your feed. It’s the most practical solution to feeding on-the go.

How does Yoomi make combination breast and bottle feeding easier?

Yoomi’s soft, silicone teat has been carefully designed to more closely resemble the contours of mom's breast. Baby will be comforted by the ability to latch on easily, making it simpler to combine breast and bottle feeding. Yoomi also facilitates combination feeding by gently warming baby's feed to breast milk temperature (32 to 34°C), which is a few degrees cooler than body temperature. Feed heated using other methods, such as hot water or the microwave, tends to be over-heated(typically 40°C) and can lead to baby preferring the hotter bottle feed to the cooler breast milk. Unlike conventional bottles where the warm feed will cool down, feed with yoomi will remain at a constant temperature making for a less interrupted and natural feeding experience.

Can I use the Yoomi bottle without the warmer?

Yes, the Yoomi bottle can be used without the warmer.

My bottle leaks – what can I do?

The Yoomi teats feature 6 air vents around the base which help reduce colic. Sometimes these vents can get squashed if the bottle is tightened too much, or if the teat is not aligned correctly, which can cause leaks. We suggest taking the bottle and collar, teats and warmer (if using) apart, and reassembling following our tips shown in our demonstration video; http://www.youtube.com/user/yoomibottle#p/a/u/2/Z9ZK7svETaU the teat appears to collapse completely when my baby drinks from the bottle, is this normal? No, this is not normal. The collar has been over-tightened preventing the anti-colic vents from working. Unscrew the collar by a quarter turn to ensure the vents are working.

Can I microwave my Yoomi bottles, teats and warmers?

Yoomi bottles and teats can be placed in the microwave. Yoomi warmers CANNOT be placed in the microwave unless used with the Yoomi pod.

Can I place my Yoomi bottles, teats and warmers in the dishwasher?

Yes, all Yoomi parts can be placed in the dishwasher.

Can I place my Yoomi bottles, teats and warmers in the fridge?

Yes, all Yoomi parts can be placed in the fridge.

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