Vita-Aid VitaTrim Weight Loss Management System

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Vita-Aid™ VitaTrim

Weight Management System for real and permanent weight loss!

Vita-Aid™ VitaTrim Weight Management System works by assisting in normalizing your body's physiology naturally to help get you to your most perfect weight and health and making real, permanent, healthful changes. You will start seeing *results within 7 days which will motivate you to continue your new lifestyle!

By following the VitaTrim meal plan, you will experience the remarkable benefits of more energy, weight loss and raised alkalinity in the body to help reduce the risk of illness. You will also experience a reduced appetite, speed up weight loss and improve your metabolic health at the same time. Follow the VitaTrim 7-day meal plan for losing weight in no time!


Vita-Aid™ Accelerator

Taken for 7 days, helps to cleanse and detox your body, accelerating your weight loss.


Vita-Aid™ TrimBurn

Contains Green Tea Extract which helps to increase thermogenesis and enhances fat oxidation (burns calories). Chromium helps the body metabolize carbohydrates and fats. The addition of Gugulipids, cinnamon and fenugreek helps to regulate the blood glucose levels thereby keeping your appetite under control and L-Carnitine, a well-known addition to weight loss supplements, helps release fatty acids into cells which in turn burn fat for energy.


Vita-Aid™ TrimVit

Replenishes nutrients needed for your body to function optimally.


The complete Vita-Aid™ VitaTrim Weight Loss Management System acts immediately on your body to get the weight off rapidly and healthfully. The formulas provide powerful physiological support as the system optimizes your metabolism, allowing your body to shed all its unhealthy, unwanted weight.

Remember to start moving! Incorporate exercise into your daily routine by lifting weights, walking, running, cycling, or swimming. You will burn a lot of calories and prevent your metabolism from slowing down.

*Follow the recommended meal plan for the best results.

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