UGEARS Tram on Rails

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A tram (also known as “tramcar, “streetcar” or “cable car”) is one of the oldest forms of urban transportation. The UGEARS Tram is inspired by the earliest streetcars. In addition to displaying a great deal of retro flair, the Tram can travel on its included adjustable tracks. In level mode, the Tram cruises the rails under the power of its wind-up rubber band motor. In incline mode, the Tram simply employs the power of gravity along with its gear-drive transmission to gracefully scale down tracks. The Tram even has a hidden box for carrying messages to a special passenger waiting at the next stop.



HIGH QUALITY – unlike other construction kits on the market that can be flimsy and cheap-looking, UGEARS models are produced in Europe from high-quality wooden materials. They are sturdy and long-lasting.

• MECHANICAL MOTION – many construction kits when assembled are just static models. These models produce motion, are self-propelled and some of them can go up to 5 meters.

NO GLUE ASSEMBLY – these models don’t need glue or special tools to connect parts. So you are not exposed to harsh chemicals during assembly and have everything you need to enjoy the construction of the models in the box.

• UNIQUE DESIGN – These models are not just a construction kit, but a certain idea embedded in each design. Some of them have real-life prototypes, some are genius inventions of our engineers. The beautiful structure of gears is not only creating motion but also looks beautiful as home decoration. Unlike other construction kits and 3D puzzles, these models are educational both during assembly and as the end result.

• MADE OF WOOD MATERIALS – UGEARS cares about the environment and what will happen to these models after many years of service. As they are made of wood materials they are not only good for you, but also for the planet!


MODEL SIZE: 77x7x16

PARTS: 154


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