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Secret Extensions® by Daisy Fuentes

Get thicker, fuller, longer hair in seconds! Match the colour of your hair to, one of 9 colour options, in the the Secret Extensions® range. Go for an ombre look and choose a shade or 2 lighter! How about low lights? Get a shade or 2 darker! Any of these looks will also give you luscious, thick and full hair instantly, only with Secret Extensions®.


Secret Extensions® by Daisy Fuentes is an amazing product that lets you change your hair colour without committing to it. The secret is the patented, virtually invisible headband; the extensions slip on and off quickly, blending right in with your own hair. There are so many ways to style your hair with Secret Extensions® and it looks and feels like real hair. Super easy to use and very comfortable. Now, you can have fuller, longer hair in minutes!

The extensions are made using an all-new keratin conditioned fiber. Keratin is the compound that makes up the majority of your natural hair, so these extensions actually feel and fall like your own hair. With 7 to 11 different colours per extension, blending them in with your own hair colour couldn’t be easier. They can also be washed, curled and styled like your own hair, which means they are easier to blend in with your natural locks.

Choose between 9 available colours. Use 2 of the same colour for additional volume and length. Or mix it up and use two different Secret Extensions® at the same time for a statement! Dare to live your life in full!



The Patented Revolutionary Headband is virtually invisible, made of stretch monofilament allowing the headband to lay flat and contour to any head.

Hair Infused into fine layers of polyurethane attached to the invisible elastic band making it comfortable and undetectable.

Each shade is a blending of 7-11 different colours making it an easy match with your own hair.

You can trim, straighten, style and curl up to 160˚C, which is unique for synthetic hair.

Includes Storage Bag.

Thicker, fuller, longer hair in seconds.

Length of hairpieces is 40cms from headband down.



FIRST, slip the headband over your head with the extension at the back of your head and position band around the top of your head like a headband.

NEXT, pull the sides of your hair out in front of the hair band to blend in with your extensions.

FINALLY, style naturally, or if desired, use a curling iron or flat iron. Styling tools should not exceed 320˚F (160˚C).


Dark Golden Blonde (1)

Medium Golden Blonde (2)

Light Golden Blonde (3)

Dark Blonde (4)

Light Brown (5)

Medium Red Brown (6)

Medium Brown (7)

Dark Brown (8)

Brown/Black (9)



Can I wash my Secret Extensions®?



How often should I wash my Secret Extensions®?

We recommend washing your Secret Color after 5-7 days of wearing. We recommend you brush out your extension daily.


Do I need to use a special shampoo? 

No, you can use any mild shampoo or even Woolite.


How do I wash my Secret Extensions®?

Fill your sink basin with lukewarm water and a capful of any mild shampoo. Circulate the water and shampoo through the extension. Rinse your extension thoroughly to remove all soap. Allow the extension to dry naturally on a towel. DO NOT BRUSH WHEN WET. Brush thoroughly once your extension is completely dry.


Can I curl or straighten my Secret Extensions®?

Yes, you can curl and straighten your Secret Extensions® with styling tools, but temperatures are not to exceed 160˚C. Once straightened or curled, the hair will remain that way until you straighten or curl again. Unlike human hair, the original texture does not come back simply by wetting.


Can I brush my Secret Extensions®?

Yes, we recommend a soft bristle flat brush. DO NOT BRUSH WHEN WET.


Can I colour my Secret Extensions®?



Can I use styling products on my Secret Extensions®?

Yes you can use any of your favorite products, but we recommend water soluble products that contain little or no alcohol.


Can I brush my Secret Extensions® while I’m wearing it? 

Yes, brush gently and be certain to keep your hand on the base of the extension to keep it in place. Do not hold the elastic band when you brush your Secret Extensions®.


How long will my Secret Extensions® last?

It varies and depends on how often you wear your extension, and how well you care for your extension.


Will my Secret Extensions® be ruined if it gets wet?

Rain or water will not damage your Secret Extensions®.


What materials are Secret Extensions® made of?

Our proprietary synthetic blend of polyester, a keratin conditioned fiber, that feels, looks, and performs like real hair.


Do the extensions work with short hair? 

Yes depending on how your hair is layered. You may wish to cut your Secret Extensions® to layer into your own hair.


Do the extensions work with thinning hair?



Can my stylist cut my Secret Extensions®?



Can I wear more than one set of Secret Extensions® at a time and can they be different colors?

Yes, you can use 2 of the same colour for additional volume and length and you can wear different colors at the same time.


What is the texture of Secret Extensions®?

The same texture as smooth silky lustrous healthy hair so it feels and looks like hair. It is very light and will add length and volume with no bulk and weight.

* Model in the video wears 3 hairpieces.

* This is an underwear garment and no product will be exchanged or refunded.

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