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Protect and Shield Oxygen Generator & Nebulizer

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Protect and Shield Oxygen Generator & Nebulizer Benefits of Oxygen Therapy Oxygen therapy is known to give patients more energy,...
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Protect and Shield Oxygen Generator & Nebulizer

Benefits of Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen therapy is known to give patients more energy, and reduce the risks of heart failure and lung
disease. Those who take extra oxygen during exercise, perform better, and have less shortness of breath. Supplemental oxygen has also been shown to enhance user’s mental alertness and overall mood.

• An oxygen concentrator takes in air and separates the oxygen from nitrogen, and then delivers it into a
person via a nasal cannula. Air is 79% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. In respiratory infections that causes
oxygen saturation levels to dip below 90%, having an external device supply pure oxygen eases the
burden on the lungs.
• Protect & Shield Oxygen Generator consists of a compressor and sieve bed filter. The compressor
squeezes atmospheric air and also adjusts the pressure at which it is delivered. The sieve bed is made
from a material called Zeolite that separates the nitrogen. There are two sieve beds that work to both
release oxygen into a tank that’s connected to the cannula as well as release the separated nitrogen
and form a continuous loop that keeps producing fresh oxygen.
• Convenient Nebulizing & Anion function: Negative ions are believed to produce biochemical
reactions that increase levels of serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, stress, and boost your energy


• 90% Oxygen concentration
• Nebulizer & Anion function
• Molecular sieve
• 1-10L adjustable flow
• 48-hour support
• Low noise design
• Can be used by 2 individuals simultaneously; 1 individual can utilize the oxygen-generating
function and the second individual may utilize the nebulizing function
• Power failure alarm
• Adjustable timer
• Large LCD touch screen
• Voice prompt function: voice prompt function, which can switch machine on or off
• Nebulizer and anion function
• Multilayer filtering


• Flow range within the nominal outlet pressure range: 1~7L/10L
• When the oxygen flow is 1L, the oxygen concentration is ≥90%
• Noise: <60 dB(A)
• Power supply: AC220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz
• Input power: 120W
• Weight: 5Kg
• Dimensions: 285 x 385 x 375mm
• Altitude: The oxygen concentration will not decrease when the sea level reaches 1828 meters, and the efficiency is 90% low
when sea level reaches 1828 meters to 4000 meters.
• Security system: If the current is overloaded, or there is a loose connection, the compressor will automatically shut down.
• Shortest working time: no less than 30 minutes
• Ambient temperature range: 5℃ - 40 ℃
• Relative humidity: 80%
• Atmospheric pressure range: 86kPa - 106kPa°
• Oxygen pressure range: (500-1060) hPa
• Electrical classification: Class Ⅱequipment
• Work system: continuous operation
• Oxygen outlet temperature: ≤46℃
• Waterproof rating: IPX0
• Accessories Included:
• 1 x disposable nasal cannula
• 1 x disposable nebulizer set
• 2 x filter sponges
• 2 x filter felts
• 1 x instruction manua

Protect and Shield Oxygen Generator & Nebulizer
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from Johannesburg
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