Established in 1908 in Verres, Italy - Balzano has evolved into a quality global brand over the
last 110+ years.
With Italian craftsmanship and in collaboration with the most prominent
Italian architects and designers such as Carlo Mollino, Marco Zanuso, Giorgetto Giugiaro and
Pino Spagnolo, Balzano enhances your life with healthy living, style, and convenience. 
Welcomed and sought after in professional kitchens and homes worldwide. Balzano
continues to create and innovate, bringing stylish design excellence, superior finishes, and
absolute reliability to home appliances including coffee bean to cup and drip appliances, oil-
free air fryers, blenders, food processors, cold press juicers as well as state-of-the-art
cookware, kitchen utensils and other small home appliances.
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Balzano 5.5L Digital Air FryerBalzano 5.5L Digital Air Fryer
R 2,999.00
Balzano 5.6L Air Fryer AF716Balzano 5.6L Air Fryer AF716
R 3,499.00
Balzano Multifunction Food Processor EF-408Balzano Multifunction Food Processor EF-408
R 2,999.00
Balzano 5.8L  Saucepot 24cmBalzano 5.8L  Saucepot 24cm
R 1,899.00
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