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Luma Lites are candles that take away the DANGER of possible wax spills and open flames but delivers the same lighting effect.

Bring the ROMANCE to your candle-lit dinner, without any worry.

Change the colour to suit your mood, table- or home decor, with the push of a button.

Enjoy candles without the messy wax and dangerous flames and have the convenience of a remote control with timer. With these LED battery operated colour changing candles, made with real wax you can illuminate and accent any room in your home or provide lighting outdoors. Each candle operates with 3 AAA batteries (not included) because they do not have a real flame, they are safe to use almost anywhere!

PLEASE NOTE: Do not leave candles in direct sunlight, use when raining or keep outside permanently (not completely weatherproof).



•Material: paraffin wax with scent.
•Built-in colour-changing LED light.
•Only romance, no dangerous flames, no fumes, no wax mess.
•4 or 8-hour timer settings – Turn off automatically after 4 hours or 8 hours.
•Flickering candle or steady light mode.
•One remote can control many candles.
•Each candle can be individually set according to your requirements.
•Multicolour button – Change 12 colours automatically / Stop at the current colour.
•Remote control range: approx. 3-4m Powered by 2 pcs CR2032 batteries per candle.
•Powered by 2 pcs CR2032 batteries per candle.



•WEIGHT: 1.0000 kg


Each candle can be controlled individually using the remote control if not placed in a cluster. Simply point the control at the candle and choose your setting.

PLEASE NOTE: Remote control has a wide range and therefore may control other candles when pointed to a single candle.


There are two modes for the candlelight, flicker light and steady light. Press this button to switch between these modes.


TIMERWhen candle is on, press the 4H or 8H to set the candle 'burning time' for 4 or 8 hours. Once the timer is set, the candlelight automatically turns off after 4 or 8 hours.


Choose your candle colour from 1 of the12 colour keys.


You can set the candles to stay at one colour by choosing from one of 12 colours on the remote control. Please note: Actual colours may vary from printed colours on the remote control.



Press this button to set candles to switch colours automatically.



• Do not expose the candles or batteries to heavy rain or excessive moisture.
• Do not dispose of batteries in regular household waste streams. Dispose of batteries at your local battery recycler.
• Do not throw batteries into fires as they may explode and cause serious injury or death.
• Do not mix different battery types of brands.
• Do not dispose of the product when it has reached the end of its useful life with regular household waste streams. Please take it to your local electric waste recycling centre.

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