JAI JEWELLERS - Lara Round and Baguette CZ Ring

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The Cubic Zirconia ring is a made from Sterling Silver and is coated with Rhodium.

Sterling Silver 

1 x Ring with a Round Cubic Zirconia stone and 2 x Baguette Cubic Zirconias.

Design Information

Gemstone inserts have an Oval Cubic Zirconia stone, with 2 x Baguette Cubic Zirconias on each side.

Comes in a Velvet Gift Box.

Stone Information (all sizes and weights approximate)

Cubic Zirconia:    Round (6mm); Cutting (Faceted); Stone Count (1)

Cubic Zirconia:    Baguette (4x2mm); Cutting (Faceted); Stone Count (2)



• An Affordable Synthetic Stone as brilliant as a Diamond.

• Cubic zirconia started being produced in 1976 because of its diamond-like qualities, low cost, and overall durability. Cubic zirconia is a mineral that is used as a diamond simulant and is widely synthesized.

• Cubic zirconia crystals are made by melting powdered zirconium and zirconium dioxide together and heating them up to 2750 C. A cubic zirconia is a perfectly man-made, flawless stone that is free of inclusions.

• Its 8 on Mohs hardness scale as compared to 10 of a diamond.

• White CZ is equivalent to colour “D “ of diamond grading.

• Its ruling element is Light, and it’s often called the Stone of Ascension and Stone of Practicality. It is said that it can help one to focus, think clearly and alleviate the ego.

• Typically faceted stones have 58 Facets, but it could be more or less. The purpose of having multiple facets is to reflect most of the light falling on it from different angles to give it, it's brilliance. 


What is Rhodium?

Rhodium is a rare and precious element that are more expensive than gold. As a member of the platinum group of metals it is harder than gold and is highly durable Rhodium is silver in colour, highly reflective and does not tarnish or corrode.

Unfortunately Rhodium is a brittle metal that cannot be easily shaped. Therefore jewellerry cannot be made from Rhodium. When Rhodium is used to plate other jewellery, it enhances the durability of the metal.

Is rhodium plated jewellery safe to wear?

Rhodium plating is hypoallergenic. Rhodium does not contain any allergens such as nickel. 

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