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Hot Shapers™ Hot Belt Power

Hot Shapers™ Hot Belt Power are fitness wear designed with Neotex™ smart fabric technology that increases core temperature helping your body sweat, sweat, sweat & sweat more while wearing them during daily activities. The Hot Shapers™ Hot Belt Power is a unique belt designed to shape and preserve the figure for those who want rapid results in reducing sizes. This product will not only make you sweat where you need to but will gradually start molding your waist and abdomen area.

Its design will maintain perfect back support and posture due to adjustable double flex bands and flex vertical bars. The Neotex™ smart fabric in Hot Shapers™ increases core temperature during exercise, sports, walking, running, at home or during any physical activity. Hot Shapers™ clothing can be worn while active regardless of what you are doing… Just put them on and feel the results!!


Hot Shapers unique NEOTEX™ sweat fabric makes all products lightweight, flexible, comfortable and great for increasing calorie burn.

Increase perspiraption - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
Increased perspiration
Weight loss - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
Weight loss
Calories burned - Clinical Studies - Hot Shapers
Calories burned


1. Instant waist curve

2. Adjustable levels

3. High back support

4. Helps to correct posture

5. Slims waist, tummy and thighs

6. Increase your core body temperature

7. Improve your overall well-being

* Following the Tasty & Healthy Diet plan.

** This is an underwear garment. Thus once purchased, it cannot be returned, for hygiene purposes.

*** Be aware of imitations. If the box does NOT have Africa's Shopping Network's address on, then it is a fake. Only buy directly from reputable retailers.

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