BEAUMARK Airwave 8l Air Fryer

Product Code: 1100-0039

Barcode: 5098849198380

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The New Generation Air Fryer is using a highly efficient top heating system - an infrared heating system and high-speed hot air convection system. It creates hot air in a short time. It comes complete with different rotisserie accessories.
Enjoy the smoke-free, fast and delicious cooking. 

• 100 ~ 240V

• 1200W output power

• 8L capacity

• 3D Airwave heater with hot air convection heating system

• Fashionable design with cool touch surface

• Transparent window for easy observation

• Top panel design for easy operation

• 7 pre-set cooking menu

• Removable inner pot with non-stick coating for easy cleaning

• Rotation roast structure with different kinds of accessories

• Max temp: 240 C


• Chicken

• Sausage

• Steak

• Fish

• Shrimp

• French fries

• Peanut

• Nut

• Corn

• Vegetable

• Fruit

• Pizza

• Bread

• Cake

• Biscuits



• Powers off automatically when the lid is open.
• Removable inner pot for easy cleaning.
• Double wall design to make sure the whole unit stays cool to touch.
• Lid hinge structure for easy operation.

3D Rotisserie Heating

• Cooking Temp:70~230 C
• Structure feature: Visual cooking design with cool touch surface, removable inner pot, lid hinge structure.
• Accessories: Non-Stick Removable Inner Pot, Fry Pan, High/Low Rack, Chicken Rotisserie with Shaft, Tongs and Fries Basket.

Q & A

How does the Beaumark Airwave Air-fryer work?

The Beaumark Digital Airwave Air-fryer uses highly efficient heating system, that utilizes an infrared heating and a high-speed hot air convection system for fast and delicious cooking. Beaumark Airwave Air-fryer even powers off automatically when the lid is open. It also comes with a grill plate, rack, chicken rack and rotisserie cage.

What meals can one make with this Digital Air-fryer?

The Beaumark Digital Airwave Air-fryer has a multifunction setting that allows you to cook Chicken, Sausage, Steak, Fish, Shrimp, French fries, Vegetables and Pizza.

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