Vita-Aid™ Revive-39 750g

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Vita-Aid™ Revive-39 

Revive your immune system with Vita-Aid™ Revive-39. This exceptional health and energy drink contains no sugar, no gluten, no dairy, no added sucrose, no chemical preservatives, no artificial colourants or flavourants. Vita-Aid™ Revive-39 is preserved naturally with vitamin E and use natural colourants.



• Low GI: The GI of Vita-Aid Revive-39 is low. Giving you sustained energy release that supports stable blood glucose levels and reduces fatigue.

• Better absorption.

• Revive-39 contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, D3, E, Folic acid and Biotin. Vitamin C is added as 200% of the adult RDA.

• 12 minerals: Minerals in Vita-Aid Revive-39 are Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Iodine, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium and Zinc. Selenium is added as 100% of the adult RDA.

• Support the good bacteria in the intestine.

• Immediate digestion.

• Defence against bad bacteria in the intestine.

• Omega-3 fatty acids.

• Intestine supporter – Amino acids.

• Anti-viral supplement – Spirulina.

• No synthetic flavourants or colourants.

• Support for the brain – Lecithin.

• This product is certified Halaal by SANHA.



• It provides food for the development of the brain and helps with concentration.

• It supports the intestine with direct benefit to the immune system.

• It supports recovery after illness or injuries.

• It provides sustained energy during times of stress.

• It suppresses harmful viruses and stops diarrhoea.

• It provides improvement in energy and quick recovery for endurance athletes such as triathletes, comrades marathon runners, and ‘Ironman’ athletes.

• It is ideal to be used as part of a weight loss programme.

• It provides better blood glucose control for diabetics.

• Reduction in the severity of chemotherapy side effects in cancer clients.

• Has reported improvement in children suffering from leaky gut syndrome and allergies.

• Reduction in symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome or spastic colon.

• Reported reduction in the severity and duration of acute infectious diseases.

• General improvement in chronically ill and elderly people.

• Reduced fatigue and nausea reported by pregnant women.

• Favourable feedback from breastfeeding women.

• Increased energy levels in factory workers.

• Significant increase in immune levels for individuals suffering from HIV/AIDS.



This Health Supplement has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council.

This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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