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Genie is born

In an era when urbanization is at its peak, cities are being crammed by an influx of dream seekers, flocking to concrete jungles in search of better education, better lifestyles, better opportunities. In the hustle and bustle of city life, people often neglect the importance of better sleep...

Enter Genie, bringing sleep to the restless, never sleeping metropolises.

Genie’s mission is one, to provide a complete sleep solution that complements the fast paced and demanding modern lifestyle.

The way we look at conventional processes allows us to challenge the norm and break free of ancient stereotypes, with ideas that we believe will change the way people think about sleep.

So we've created the Genie product range – comfortable, practical, compact, easy to transport and assemble.


Mmm... Mattress

The Genie mattress is a compacted, easy to unroll, cloud of comfort.

Pure magic, coiled tightly into the confines of a compact, easy-to- transport box, the Genie mattress is simple to unroll and as comfortable as they come.

It is available in 5 different sizes, all designed especially for convenience and comfort.

The specially designed plush fabric is anti-mite, anti-allergy, and completely anti-nightmare.


Better sleep

  1. No Pressure Points

Natural latex is responsive and contours to your body shape, thus distributing your weight over a larger surface area and relieving pressure points - resulting in healthy blood circulation during sleep. So you can sleep longer in one position, without the numbing effect you would feel on other types of mattresses.

  1. Spine Alignment

The natural latex layer responds to your body weight - as your weight pushes down on the natural latex, it pushes back, offering equal support throughout the body to give you optimal spine alignment.

  1. Air circulation

The Genie bed is designed to allow air to circulate throughout your mattress. The circulating air transfers the heat away from your body, maintaining your body temperature.

  1. No Motion Transfer

The Genie bed makes use of an individually pocketed spring system. Which means that each coil can move independently. When a load is applied to a specific part of the spring system, only the coils in that area will react and absorb the load, resulting in zero motion being transferred to the other parts of the mattress. So if your partner moves a lot during their sleep, you will still get quality, undisturbed sleep on your side.


What’s inside?

Your best sleep through our technology

We spent years designing a truly better bed, that gives you 8 layers of support, and the comfort you need for a healthy nights sleep.

  • Layer 1: Quilted Knit Covering
  • Layer 2: Comfort layer
  • Layer 3: Natural Latex (Perforated)
  • Layer 4: High Density Foam Support
  • Layer 5: Zoned Pocket Spring system
  • Layer 6: Bottom High Density foam Support
  • Layer 7: Non Slip Fabric
  • Compressed and rolled technology
  • Registered Design
  • All encased in ventilated high density foam encasing, for edge to

edge support and temperature regulation.




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