Dr Fuchs MLT BiotinPolymer Complex Face Serum 50ml

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Dr Fuchs MLT BiotinPolymer Complex Face Serum 50ml

BiotinPolymer Serum for firmer skin.

The basis of the Moisture Lift Therapy line is an innovative BiotinPolymer Complex with biotin, liposomes and various high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acids. This complex is able to optimally supply the different skin layers with the coupled active ingredients.

The BiotinPolymer Complex provides the skin layers with moisture, vitamins and lipids for a tighter skin more structured skin through biotin. The hyaluronic acids store maximum moisture.

The collagen regeneration of the skin is stimulated and the extracellular matrix strengthened for more volume and fewer wrinkles. Silk proteins give a silky skin feel and additionally increase the moisture storage capacity of the skin.

The Moisture Lift Therapy line is suitable for all skin types and ages.

The serum is the highly concentrated attack against wrinkles, dry skin and loss of volume. The collagen regeneration is supported and provides the skin with an important basis for a healthy, radiant and even skin.


Skin type:

For every skin type.



Apply morning or evening on cleansed face.

Note: The ingredients given here, correspond to our current state of production. We always adapt to the composition of our products according to the latest scientific knowledge. Therefore, the ingredient declarations may be different from the ones given in previous editions.

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