Dr Fuchs MLT Biotin Polymer Complex Peel-Off Face Mask 100 ml

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The mask helps against fine lines, wrinkles and dry skin. It will give your skin an immediate silky, rosy appearance. The collagen regeneration is supported, swellings reduced and the skin provided with the important basics for a healthy, radiant and even complexion.



The BiotinPolymer Complex provides the skin layers with moisture, vitamins and lipids for a plumper skin and skin structure because of the beauty vitamin biotin. The hyaluronic acids store a maximum of humidity. The collagen formation of the skin is stimulated and the extracellular matrix strengthened for more volume and fewer wrinkles. Silk proteins give the skin a silky feeling and also increase the moisture retention capacity of the skin.



• The Moisture Lift Therapy products can fight impurities of the skin and refine the pores.

• Redness and pigmentation are visibly improved, and the overall appearance of the skin is enhanced.

• More volume, fewer wrinkles and an enhanced overall appearance of the skin through the unique Moisture Lift Therapy Biotin Polymer Complex!



Apply to the face when needed. Seal the mask surface evenly to achieve an optimal result. Leave on the face until it has dried completely, A thin mask will take about 20 minutes to dry, a thicker layer about 60 minutes. Thereafter peel off the mask and apply the usual skincare (day or night cream). The skin may have a prickly sensation after removing the mask.

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