Dr Fuchs BM 2.0 Hyaluron Pro Filler Concentrate 25ml

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The Hyaluron Pro Filler is a highly concentrated special build-up-serum for dry skin, sagging skin, and folds on the face and neck.


• The hyaluronic acid used is produced from renewable raw materials according to ECOCERT guidelines. The serum is conserved with medical alcohol and thus meets the highest safety standards and agreeability.

• The concentrated serum is suitably used as an intensive cure treatment.



• The highly concentrated serum is suitable for all skin types. It provides the skin with concentrated hyaluronic acid and thus enables more elasticity and remodeled facial contours. Folds can be visibly reduced.

• Helps rejuvenate and minimize signs of ageing.

• The Hyaluron Pro Filler concentrate is targeted for mostly dry, sagging skin as well as folds on the face and neck.

• Suitable for all skin types.

• The product is produced in Germany using high-quality ingredients.



Apply to cleansed face and neck once daily.


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