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This bundle gives you 120 amazing Mardles 4D Interactive Stickers to collect, from mermaids and unicorns to tractors and dinosaurs, all ready to come to life using our FREE Mardles Augmented Reality app!

Watch in wonder as your little one’s simply STICK, SCAN and INTERACT. Each sticker magically comes to life as they take control of their favourite character using the on-screen arrows.

You can also capture and share all their magical memories using the photo and selfie modes.

The FREE app is available from the App Store, Google Play or Amazon. There's no registration, no data capture and no in-app purchases. Once installed, you don't even need Wi-Fi or mobile connection to enjoy the fun! Playtime to life using our FREE Augmented Reality app and these magical 4D interactive stickers.


It's so easy! Stick. Scan. Interact.

  1. DOWNLOAD the FREE Mardles® App:
  2. Point your device at your Mardles® Sticker
  3. Control your character with the on-screen joystick 



6 Designs, 12 Stickers in EACH PACK! 

A TOTAL OF 120 stickers for hours of AUGMENTED REALITY FUN!


100% Brittish:

Mardles® has been lovingly brought to life by Sharon and James. Their journey began in 2014 when Sharon first saw Augmented Reality being used in a furniture brochure and wondered why this technology hadn’t been used for children to enjoy. Sharon teamed up with her good friend James, who is a bit of a tech-head, together they came up with the Mardles concept and setup Alivelab Ltd.

After months of research, questionnaires and focus groups with children, parents and grandparents, Mardles were born. The first products to be launched were the 4D Interactive Stickers that come to life using a FREE Augmented Reality app! 


1. PREHISTORIC PALS (12 Stickers)

Bring playtime to life using our FREE Augmented Reality app and these magical 4D interactive stickers.

If someone in your world loves Dinosaurs, this is the pack to choose! 6 of your favourites from Raptors to T-Rex!

It's so easy! Stick. Scan. Interact.


2. REALLY WILD (12 Stickers)

A real taste of Safari, Really Wild is our most lifelike pack yet. Sure to be loved by tinies just learning what sounds animals make and older kids who are fascinated with the jungle!


3. CUTIES (12 Stickers)

Create your own magical world of adventure and storytelling. Our Cuties set will make you smile! This set includes unicorns, fairies and a teddy bear who tells you he loves you!


4. DOWN ON THE FARM (12 Stickers)

Little ones love farm animals and this is a selection of our favourites. Cows that moo, pigs that play in the mud and there's even a tractor!


5. BUGS & BEASTS (12 Stickers)

Creatures that will amuse and astound - From sharks to beetles, dragons to spiders, big or small they're all beasts - but friendly ones!


6. LITTLE CRITTERS (12 Stickers)

We all love a pet and whether you have a real one or just dream of having a real one, our Little Critters can be your best friends too! This set includes puppies, kittens, hamsters and more!


7. TOP SPEED (12 Stickers)

The ultimate vehicle pack... Space Rockets, Beach Buggies and Hot Air Balloons..... Where are we off to? Let your imagination soar!


8. UNDER THE SEA (12 Stickers)

A real taste of the underwater, from mermaids to seahorses, you may even spot a naughty Octopus!


9. FOREST FRIENDS (12 Stickers)

Our favourite selection of woodland creatures, from foxes and hedgehogs to rabbits and wise old owls. Our forest folk will be sure to surprise you!


10. CHRISTMAS (12 Stickers)

This festive collection includes Santa, Elves, Snowmen and more - Guaranteed to raise a smile this festive season!

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