Dr Fuchs MLT BiotinPolymer Complex Face Cleansing Gel 400ml

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Dr Fuchs MLT BiotinPolymer Complex Face Cleansing Gel 200ml

The Cleansing Gel prepares the skin perfectly for your daily care and donates the necessary vitamins, moisture and gives a silky feeling because of silk proteins.


• Biotin - the essential vitamin for the skin

• Liposomes

• various high and low molecular hyaluronic acids



The BiotinPolymer Complex provides the skin layers with moisture, vitamins and lipids for a plumper skin and skin structure because of the beauty vitamin biotin. The hyaluronic acids store a maximum of humidity. The collagen formation of the skin is stimulated and the extracellular matrix strengthened for more volume and fewer wrinkles. Silk proteins give the skin a silky feeling and also increase the moisture retention capacity of the skin.

The Moisture Lift Therapy products can fight impurities of the skin and refine the pores. Redness and pigmentations are visibly improved, and the overall appearance of the skin is enhanced.



Wash your face as usual. Leave it on for a couple of minutes and rinse off.

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