Vita-Aid Hunga Busta Lollies 6s

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We all know that feeling of being pre-occupied by food, eating when we aren’t even hungry…and we respond to it.

Vita-Aid™ Hunga Busta Lollies contains SATIEREAL®, a safe active ingredient extracted from natural plants which have a unique mechanism to help decrease sugar cravings and hunger between meals.

  • Vita-Aid™ Hunga Busta Lollies Contains no added sugar, no artificial colourants or preservatives and allergen-free
  • ONLY 21 calories per lollypop and ZERO nett carbs!
  • Suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians, Diabetics
  • They taste amazing!
  • Available in pack of 6’s
  • Halaal certified


The satiated feeling induced by Satiereal® encourages weight loss while eliminating frustration. This product has a unique mechanism that may support satiety by helping to avoid snacking and compulsive eating behaviours, which may, in turn, lead to a reduction in weight and centimetres.

A double-blind placebo-controlled study shows that Satiereal® may increase satiety, decrease hunger, reduce sugar cravings and reduce compulsive snacking between meals.

Clinical studies have shown that women taking Satiereal® report decreased hunger.

Weight loss has been demonstrated in women taking Satiereal.®

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