1. RECIPE: Butternut Squash with Cardamom & Nigella Seeds

    RECIPE: Butternut Squash with Cardamom & Nigella Seeds

    Butternut Squash with Cardamom & Nigella Seeds

    Brought to you by Hab Shifa

    - Serves 4



    • 20g unsalted butter
    • 1 tbsp olive oil
    • 1 large red onion, peeled, halved and cut into 1cm-thick slices (170g)
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  2. Is your skin dry or dehydrated?

    Is your skin dry or dehydrated?

    Did you know that the terms 'dry skin' and 'dehydrated skin' aren't the same. In fact, they mean completely different things.


    Dry skin refers to a skin type. Just like oily skin and combination skin are skin types. Dry skin is a condition in which your skin lacks moisture, oil and lipids to keep it soft and supple. Instead, your skin appears flaky and dry.

    Dry skin needs more moisturising. By keeping your skin moisturised, your skin can lock in moisture to maintain hydration. It's important to use skincare products that will help with moisture retention and hydration, especially in the cold winter months.

    Top Tips: A humidifier in your bedroom will help your skin retain more moisture. A heater in your room has a negative side effect - it makes

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    Middle-of-the-night feeds are no doubt one of the hardest parts of parenting. Whether you choose to bottle-feed with formula or breastmilk, your baby will still wake up several times a night to eat ... for at least several months.

    That means dragging yourself out of bed, multiple times per night, to make sure your little one has warm milk. When you have a good system in place, bottle feeding breastmilk or formula will be a lot easier and less stressful.




    The Yoomi bottle is the only bottle that will warm your baby’s milk in 60 seconds to natural breast-milk temperature - anytime, anywhere at the press of a button!

    Now you can spend more quality time with your bundle of joy, relaxed instead of stressing, to warm the milk to the correct temperature. Even daddy will b

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  4. Beauty sleep is more than just an old wives' tale!

    Beauty sleep is more than just an old wives' tale!



    Does your skin feel dry, dehydrated, and tight when you wake up in the morning? Then you need a night cream that is designed to hydrate, nourish and restore your skin while you sleep. A night cream that is expertly formulated to include all the benefits of two beauty vitamins, Biotin and Niacin!


    Your skin cells go into makeover mode while you sleep. Several studies, including the research done by Dr Michaela Fuchs, suggest that your skin absorbs active ingredients better at night time than it does during the day, because your skin’s cell regeneration is higher at night when you are asleep. This is when cells need nutrients the most, and when your night cream's anti-ageing benefits will have the maximum i

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  5. Pamper your face with this luxurious mask!

    Dr Fuchs Cosmetics MLT BiotinPolymer White Clay Instant Purifier Mask

    Dr Fuchs White Clay Instant Purifier Mask for radiant, moisturised and beautiful skin!

    What is White Clay?

    White Clay can be used for all skin types, making it the perfect mask for all ages, skin types and skin problems. White Clay, also known as Kaolin Clay, is the mildest clay of all the cosmetic clays. It has a very fine and soft texture with incredible absorbent properties. Being so mild, it is especially beneficial for those with dry and sensitive skin. 


    1. Gentle exfoliator

    White Clay works as a gentle exfoliator, to remove dead and dry skin cells leaving you with a smoother, brighter and more clarified, glowing skin.

    2. Detoxes and Clears Pores

    White Clay is able to cling to pore-clogging impurities, gently drawing out dirt,

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  6. Meet Our New Organic Body and Skin Care Brand!

    Meet Our New Organic Body and Skin Care Brand!

    Brand new body and skincare range imported from Australia!

    COCOOIL Natural Skincare


    TV Mall would like to share with you our brand new body and skincare range imported directly from Australia: CocoOil.


    CocoOil is designed to moisturise and rehydrate your skin with Natural Organic CocoOil farmed in the tropical Solomon Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

    CocoOil is made from cold-pressed Organic Coconut oil. It absorbs immediately into your skin leaving you moisturised and nourished. 

    Use CocoOil after your shower all over your body to keep your skin soft and youthful.


    We have limited supplies of CocoOil available so do not delay order today! EXCLUSIVELY from TV Mall only.

    CocoOil a superb natural product to keep your skin naturally soft and youthful.


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  7. Why Using A Micellar Water Could Save Your Skin This Winter!

    Why Using A Micellar Water Could Save Your Skin This Winter!

    Why Using A Micellar Water Could Save Your Skin This Winter!

    Have you noticed that the toner that worked for you all Summer long, is now leaving your skin feeling tight and dry? Colder weather, leads to drier skin, making it hard to keep your skin hydrated, moisturised and well-nourished during the cold Winter months. It's time to replace your toner with Micellar Water. 

    1. Micellar water is made from purified water and "micelles".

    Micelles are molecules that bind together to attract dirt and oil. When you apply Micellar water to your face, the micelles will work together to pull makeup, sebum, pollution, oil and any other impurities from the surface of your skin.

    2. Micellar water can be used without water.

    Micellar water is a gentle solution that makes it the perfect oil-free, make-up remover! By leaving the Micellar water on your face, it allows

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  8. Your skin care routine is missing something ...

    Your skin care routine is missing something ...

    Your skin care routine is missing something...

    Dr Fuchs MLT BiotinPolymer Face Cleansing Gel!


    With the harsh cold winter comes new skin care needs. Colder weather results in drier skin that is often raw, red and sensitive. The first step to tackle severe dryness starts with a cleanser that will not strip your skin, but replenish it with moisture.

    Dr Fuchs MLT BiotinPolymer Face Cleansing Gel is formulated with 3 incredible ingredients: Biotin, Hyaluronic Acid and Silk Proteins. While you are washing your face the Face Cleansing Gel will provide your skin with the all-important vitamin, Biotin to help your skin regenerate, Silk Proteins to immediately smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and Hyaluronic Acid to plump your skin.

    Dr Fuchs BiotinPolymer Face Cleansing Gel will not only refine pores, fight impurities and help regenerate your skin, it also removes water-resistant

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  9. Help us feed the starving children of South Africa

    Help us feed South Africa's starving children. TV Mall will donate 5% of all sales in June to Gift of the Givers' Hunger Alleviation Project.

    Help us feed the starving children of South Africa!


    Dear Loyal Customers,

    We want to celebrate our 3rd Birthday with you our valued friend. It is thanks to you that we have reached this milestone in our journey.

    In the last 15 months due to the pandemic, we have all experienced stress and hardship, yet it is your continued support through these times that has enabled us to grow continuously.

    TV Mall has teamed up together with THE GIFT OF THE GIVERS who do incredibly good work in our community. We are teaming up with the HUNGER ALLEVIATION PROJECT, whereby we donate 5% of every order we receive, during June, to feeding South Africa's hungry children.

    TV Mall will share our progress with you every week on a Friday on how much we will contribute to this wonderful campaign.

    No matter how big or how small it depends on us, on how many children we can feed every week.

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  10. DID YOU KNOW Nutra-Lift is a cruelty-free skincare and body range?

    DID YOU KNOW Nutra-Lift is a cruelty-free skincare and body range?


    Nutra Lift® cosmetics are made with the finest natural and organic ingredients that the world has to offer? Grown by farmers governed by the strictest organic guidelines by several trade associations and organizations!

    • PROUD to be cruelty-free
    • CLINICALLY PROVEN ingredients
    • Does not block pores
    • Good for all skin types
    • Formulated for both men and women

    Nutra-Lift's products aren't made with added oils, but rather from high concentrations of plant-derived moisturisers and conditioners that work well for both men and women.
    No blocked pores = no breakouts or acne! 

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